Are the Red Wings for Sale?



This afternoon on Bob McCown’s Sportsnet ‘Prime Time Sports’ radio show, he dropped a potential bombshell in the ‘Roundtable’ segment in that the reason why Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock may be looking to move to Toronto is that the Illich Family has put all their business holdings up for sale.


There’s potentially another factor here.  It may be a stretch but I am aware that the Illich Family has put their business interests up for sale.  That includes the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers, and Little Ceasers Pizza.

He continues…

But they are making retirement plans and have decided that they will pursue the possibility of exiting their from business interests.  Can’t say how long it would take for somebody express an interest or conclude a deal but depending on how close Babcock is to the Illich’s maybe that plays a role into this somehow?  Just speculating.

Source (Starts at 34:42 minute mark of his 10/17 Roundable podcast)


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